Why People Post Material Items!!

I often wonder why the Black American is so infatuated with designer fashion and a literal self medication of overpriced goods for the sake of impressing other broke people. It amazes me that the next worth of blacks in America continues to lag behind all other races, yet we have extremely high buying power based on such a small percentage of the population.

Instagram is filled with postings of designer items, but no houses or other assets. I would love if it someone of influence on twitter would start a #postyourcreditcardstatement day to show that most people can’t afford the shit they are posting. Do you really think you are fooling people…I mean come on, how the fuck do you think it’s feasible to have a luxury car and high end fashion on $40K a year. Come to the realization that you are a broke ass wanna be that cant’t even bring a person you’re interested in to your home because you live in a low income crime infested area, but you got that Louie tho!!

I live in Atlanta GA the the 3rd most frontin ass cities behind New York and Los Angeles. There are a lot of school teachers in the area in which I live and ,god bless them, but we know school teachers are underpaid and overworked yet these females are living so far above there means that it is ridiculous. You have designer this and designer that, a big house and a massive car payment on $50K a year…bitch please. You are debt up to your eyeballs, but you got the Gucci tho!!!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not shitting on teachers; there are lots of people of different professions that are in the same predicament. With the exception of houses and cars I firmly believe that the motto of the great Bun B of UGK who once said “if you can’t pay cash you can’t afford the shit”!

I could give a fuck what any person outside of my family cares about my material possessions. I can’t be made to feel important based upon acceptance from someone who wouldn’t even know if I have died or not. Grow up people, realize the trap and rat race that you are getting yourselves into and teach financial responsibility to your children. They are watching and if not careful you could be contributing to the cyclical problem of financial devastation in our community.

The discretionary spending that is in the lack community is appalling and may very well be associated with so many of you doing without growing up as a youngster and this so call “making up for poverty” is only setting you up to continue the cycle in your older years. College doesn’t mean you are smart, it means to are determined. Be determined to stay out of debt because success is not measured only by how much you have, but also how much you have left. But you got that Fendi tho!!!


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My views are out of the box and may be considered unconventional, if so appreciate or eat one!!!!
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