What Happen to Men

Conversation I over heard the other night:

“Look at that nigga over there with that weak ass shoes on”. “What the hell he come out of the house like that for?” “No check the outfit tho, shit don’t even match with the hat or shoes”! ” Nigga looking like a bum over there talking to that table full of heauxs”!

OK I am going to give my perspective of what is strong with this entire exchange in dialogue between TWO GROWN ASS MEN!!!

When did it become cool to try to impress another man other than your father?!?! These guys are trying to understand why a man has on an ensemble of clothing that they don’t approve of and even going into detail about how the shit is so unappealing to them! Now don’t get me wrong, but when you initially started reading the conversation didn’t you think that the discussion was between women and not men?!

Another observation that I immediately found unacceptable is that they are talking about his hat and shoes matching his clothes like women have historically have done and will always do. Are women becoming that much of a force in the world that niggas are now taking fashion tips from them to better enhance their wardrobes? Get the fuck outta hear with that shit! I’m a fuckin man “I RUN SHIT YOU JUST LIVE ON THIS EARTH”. Excuse my rant, but that’s how I feel right now. The lack of influence by men is one of the biggest problems I see in society today. We men are innovators and leaders, plain and simple. Women play an extremely important role in society maybe more roles than men, but the progression of this country depends highly on the leadership of man. How is discussing another mans wardrobe in great detail a leadership characteristic? I got off on a tangent and needed to stay on course…sorry about that.

The following observation is the most compelling tell all to the entire topic. The guys dissing the others mans wardrobe said “Nigga looking like a bum over there with a table full of heauxs”! So the nigga you said ain’t shit is actually the one at a table full of women?!?! What the fuck!?! Maybe he’s with the women because you are too busy trying to impress other men instead of impressing women! That’s what I’m accustomed to, impressing women. The world was built and has advanced on men’s instinctual need to impress women. No difference in the wild when a species has to do something to impress a female whether cool or corny and even go to great lengths such as fucking another male up to get some ass. (Pause).

The last observation I made was some sissy ass niggas admiring the hating ass niggas from the corner and this of all observations should be enough to deter a man form acting like a little bitch!!

Men let’s be men in the true sense of the word and get back to leading and being responsible for society.


About grandmass

My views are out of the box and may be considered unconventional, if so appreciate or eat one!!!!
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