Twitter Wars! Heauxs vs Educated Singles

I have been an avid twitter reader since 2009 and it amazes me the great lengths that women go in order to get attention from niggas on the site. With all the advancement that women have made over the last 30 years; one thing is for certain and that is the approval of man still rules.

I have seen several scenarios of women whom are considered very popular on twitter and there is no in between in terms of criteria of popularity. The most popular people are either complete heauxs that are in dire need of attention and will go to any length in order to get it or the feminist who does her best to empower women and end up being the most slandered.

The most overwhelming observation that I have seen is most women on Twitter are lonely and feel so because they are too good or not willing to lower their standards. Women have to realize that because so many women seek the approval of men as a means of fulfillment, you few women and your “standards” continue to miss out to what you consider the “heauxs”. You smart educated single women who feel like a man has to meet a certain standard are and will continue to share men and be a side chic.

Happy Holiday to all Twitter Women whether you’re a heaux or high society single type. I am a man and I approve this message, but not your antics to seek attention.


About grandmass

My views are out of the box and may be considered unconventional, if so appreciate or eat one!!!!
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