2010 The Year Of The Copycat

Well 2010 is now over and exactly how much originality did
we see? Well Drake was so somewhat original, but actually was only
different for the year. See Drake did nothing that hasn’t been done
already he just beat Andre’ 3000 to his own nationally staged
originality due to Dre’s lack of involvement in music. Who else was
hot? Nicki Minaj was hot, but actually only a reincarnated Lil Kim
with a body like these video chicks which is becoming the Black
America the equivalent to what Barbie is for white America.
Everybody is who wasn’t in jail is simply a gun toting, dope
selling, remain as unintelligent as possible wanna be gangsta!!!
Name 3 rappers from 2010 that will be around in 2015! The reason
why the Jay Z’s, Nas’, Icecubes, Rakim and all the so called “old
ass rappers” the younger generation refers to still relevant is
because their music has substance. These wack rappers are allowing
a lane in Hop Hop that exist in every other genre of music…”The
Older Artist”. See, newer artist and their ability to gain entry
into the business is based on new ideas and originality. The
problem is when the stale ideas run there courses it makes
redundancies AKA bullshit then whoever remains in the game is
because of merit and substance AKA skills. Where are all these
dance making rappers now? “The Dougie” guys [not sure of their
names] done!! Solider Boy…done!!! ” Lookin Ass Boyz”…done!!!
And everybody else that has made a dance song…done!!! I can
complain about the music of today because I don’t buy the shit and
I don’t listen to it. The buyers and listeners are the main ones to
blame because the record company will only allow these guys to do
is try and remake these dance songs because of the temporary
success the dance songs bring. These rappers are probably a lot
more talented than what we hear, but there quick buck mentality
makes it easy to pigeonhole them into making sucker music. See the
formula nowadays is to make a catchy dance track; get a deal and
then try to make the music they really wanna make but the label now
says no no no…none of that real shit we wanna another [insert
whatever dance song] to get more of a buzz. Now the artist is like
hell nahhhhh we wanna make good music and the label says sorry you
will make this or you make nothing, then disputes start and then
the artist get on the radio talking shit about how they and the
label are having creative differences. I don’t blame the artist I
blame you the consumer. May 2011 bring about better music, better
artist and most importantly better fans!!!! Hip Hop will
return…it just needs more than one savior to start the cycle of
copycats all over again


About grandmass

My views are out of the box and may be considered unconventional, if so appreciate or eat one!!!!
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