Cover Up and See How Many Followers You Have Left!

I follow over 100 people on twitter, but over the course of a couple of days I’ve noticed that most of the women I follow show their ass. I ask myself a question…how many women do I follow for the content of there posts and how many do I follow to see how much ass they will show? The results are overwhelming. I only pay attention to the skin and the hell with the words. Now before some of you get mad u am in no way insinuating that women have nothing value added to say, I’m simply implying that the vast majority if men follow women for because of provocative profile pics in hopes they will see some ass rather the content of their commentary!!! Don’t believe me ladies then “Cover Up and See How Many Followers You Have Left!!!
If I’m wrong let a motherfucka know!!
Out of Here


About grandmass

My views are out of the box and may be considered unconventional, if so appreciate or eat one!!!!
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