What Happen to Men

Conversation I over heard the other night:

“Look at that nigga over there with that weak ass shoes on”. “What the hell he come out of the house like that for?” “No check the outfit tho, shit don’t even match with the hat or shoes”! ” Nigga looking like a bum over there talking to that table full of heauxs”!

OK I am going to give my perspective of what is strong with this entire exchange in dialogue between TWO GROWN ASS MEN!!!

When did it become cool to try to impress another man other than your father?!?! These guys are trying to understand why a man has on an ensemble of clothing that they don’t approve of and even going into detail about how the shit is so unappealing to them! Now don’t get me wrong, but when you initially started reading the conversation didn’t you think that the discussion was between women and not men?!

Another observation that I immediately found unacceptable is that they are talking about his hat and shoes matching his clothes like women have historically have done and will always do. Are women becoming that much of a force in the world that niggas are now taking fashion tips from them to better enhance their wardrobes? Get the fuck outta hear with that shit! I’m a fuckin man “I RUN SHIT YOU JUST LIVE ON THIS EARTH”. Excuse my rant, but that’s how I feel right now. The lack of influence by men is one of the biggest problems I see in society today. We men are innovators and leaders, plain and simple. Women play an extremely important role in society maybe more roles than men, but the progression of this country depends highly on the leadership of man. How is discussing another mans wardrobe in great detail a leadership characteristic? I got off on a tangent and needed to stay on course…sorry about that.

The following observation is the most compelling tell all to the entire topic. The guys dissing the others mans wardrobe said “Nigga looking like a bum over there with a table full of heauxs”! So the nigga you said ain’t shit is actually the one at a table full of women?!?! What the fuck!?! Maybe he’s with the women because you are too busy trying to impress other men instead of impressing women! That’s what I’m accustomed to, impressing women. The world was built and has advanced on men’s instinctual need to impress women. No difference in the wild when a species has to do something to impress a female whether cool or corny and even go to great lengths such as fucking another male up to get some ass. (Pause).

The last observation I made was some sissy ass niggas admiring the hating ass niggas from the corner and this of all observations should be enough to deter a man form acting like a little bitch!!

Men let’s be men in the true sense of the word and get back to leading and being responsible for society.

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Why People Post Material Items!!

I often wonder why the Black American is so infatuated with designer fashion and a literal self medication of overpriced goods for the sake of impressing other broke people. It amazes me that the next worth of blacks in America continues to lag behind all other races, yet we have extremely high buying power based on such a small percentage of the population.

Instagram is filled with postings of designer items, but no houses or other assets. I would love if it someone of influence on twitter would start a #postyourcreditcardstatement day to show that most people can’t afford the shit they are posting. Do you really think you are fooling people…I mean come on, how the fuck do you think it’s feasible to have a luxury car and high end fashion on $40K a year. Come to the realization that you are a broke ass wanna be that cant’t even bring a person you’re interested in to your home because you live in a low income crime infested area, but you got that Louie tho!!

I live in Atlanta GA the the 3rd most frontin ass cities behind New York and Los Angeles. There are a lot of school teachers in the area in which I live and ,god bless them, but we know school teachers are underpaid and overworked yet these females are living so far above there means that it is ridiculous. You have designer this and designer that, a big house and a massive car payment on $50K a year…bitch please. You are debt up to your eyeballs, but you got the Gucci tho!!!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not shitting on teachers; there are lots of people of different professions that are in the same predicament. With the exception of houses and cars I firmly believe that the motto of the great Bun B of UGK who once said “if you can’t pay cash you can’t afford the shit”!

I could give a fuck what any person outside of my family cares about my material possessions. I can’t be made to feel important based upon acceptance from someone who wouldn’t even know if I have died or not. Grow up people, realize the trap and rat race that you are getting yourselves into and teach financial responsibility to your children. They are watching and if not careful you could be contributing to the cyclical problem of financial devastation in our community.

The discretionary spending that is in the lack community is appalling and may very well be associated with so many of you doing without growing up as a youngster and this so call “making up for poverty” is only setting you up to continue the cycle in your older years. College doesn’t mean you are smart, it means to are determined. Be determined to stay out of debt because success is not measured only by how much you have, but also how much you have left. But you got that Fendi tho!!!

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Twitter Wars! Heauxs vs Educated Singles

I have been an avid twitter reader since 2009 and it amazes me the great lengths that women go in order to get attention from niggas on the site. With all the advancement that women have made over the last 30 years; one thing is for certain and that is the approval of man still rules.

I have seen several scenarios of women whom are considered very popular on twitter and there is no in between in terms of criteria of popularity. The most popular people are either complete heauxs that are in dire need of attention and will go to any length in order to get it or the feminist who does her best to empower women and end up being the most slandered.

The most overwhelming observation that I have seen is most women on Twitter are lonely and feel so because they are too good or not willing to lower their standards. Women have to realize that because so many women seek the approval of men as a means of fulfillment, you few women and your “standards” continue to miss out to what you consider the “heauxs”. You smart educated single women who feel like a man has to meet a certain standard are and will continue to share men and be a side chic.

Happy Holiday to all Twitter Women whether you’re a heaux or high society single type. I am a man and I approve this message, but not your antics to seek attention.

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2010 The Year Of The Copycat

Well 2010 is now over and exactly how much originality did
we see? Well Drake was so somewhat original, but actually was only
different for the year. See Drake did nothing that hasn’t been done
already he just beat Andre’ 3000 to his own nationally staged
originality due to Dre’s lack of involvement in music. Who else was
hot? Nicki Minaj was hot, but actually only a reincarnated Lil Kim
with a body like these video chicks which is becoming the Black
America the equivalent to what Barbie is for white America.
Everybody is who wasn’t in jail is simply a gun toting, dope
selling, remain as unintelligent as possible wanna be gangsta!!!
Name 3 rappers from 2010 that will be around in 2015! The reason
why the Jay Z’s, Nas’, Icecubes, Rakim and all the so called “old
ass rappers” the younger generation refers to still relevant is
because their music has substance. These wack rappers are allowing
a lane in Hop Hop that exist in every other genre of music…”The
Older Artist”. See, newer artist and their ability to gain entry
into the business is based on new ideas and originality. The
problem is when the stale ideas run there courses it makes
redundancies AKA bullshit then whoever remains in the game is
because of merit and substance AKA skills. Where are all these
dance making rappers now? “The Dougie” guys [not sure of their
names] done!! Solider Boy…done!!! ” Lookin Ass Boyz”…done!!!
And everybody else that has made a dance song…done!!! I can
complain about the music of today because I don’t buy the shit and
I don’t listen to it. The buyers and listeners are the main ones to
blame because the record company will only allow these guys to do
is try and remake these dance songs because of the temporary
success the dance songs bring. These rappers are probably a lot
more talented than what we hear, but there quick buck mentality
makes it easy to pigeonhole them into making sucker music. See the
formula nowadays is to make a catchy dance track; get a deal and
then try to make the music they really wanna make but the label now
says no no no…none of that real shit we wanna another [insert
whatever dance song] to get more of a buzz. Now the artist is like
hell nahhhhh we wanna make good music and the label says sorry you
will make this or you make nothing, then disputes start and then
the artist get on the radio talking shit about how they and the
label are having creative differences. I don’t blame the artist I
blame you the consumer. May 2011 bring about better music, better
artist and most importantly better fans!!!! Hip Hop will
return…it just needs more than one savior to start the cycle of
copycats all over again

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The 50 Year Old Rap Fan

I was recently listening to some old school music today, you know the kind of music us 30+ year old folks know as old school. I thought to myself what kind of music will I be listening to when I’m in my late 50’s? Maybe NWA “Just Don’t Bite It? Maybe 2 Live Crew “Throw That D!@k”? No…no what about “Put It In Your Mouth”? The point being…what the hell am I suppose to do as a hip hop fan for an old school fix besides shit that will not be appropriate for my age bracket. I can’t see myself listening to Freaky Tales at my 40th High School Reunion! I hope these record companies know that this bullshit they ate putting out won’t be worth shit in 25 years. Mark my words they will be no bidding wars over hip hop catalogues in the future. I’ll leave you with some of the realest shit ever written “rappers like Flo-Rida & Will Smith will be the only hip-hop artist to have a spot in Las Vegas when they get old” and it’s because profanity will never be an excepted form of mainstream or “safe” entertainment in the good ol’ USA!! When you get old you become a distinguished Lady or Gentleman and who knows anybody like that who listens to profanity in music??

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Cover Up and See How Many Followers You Have Left!

I follow over 100 people on twitter, but over the course of a couple of days I’ve noticed that most of the women I follow show their ass. I ask myself a question…how many women do I follow for the content of there posts and how many do I follow to see how much ass they will show? The results are overwhelming. I only pay attention to the skin and the hell with the words. Now before some of you get mad u am in no way insinuating that women have nothing value added to say, I’m simply implying that the vast majority if men follow women for because of provocative profile pics in hopes they will see some ass rather the content of their commentary!!! Don’t believe me ladies then “Cover Up and See How Many Followers You Have Left!!!
If I’m wrong let a motherfucka know!!
Out of Here

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The New Top 10 List

What is the deal with people getting all upset (once again) about an opinion expressed about who the best rappers are? I mean who the hell could possibly compile 1 list that the general public would agree on? The rap game is saturated with so many “wack as rappers” that the choices alone make a task of this magnitude an impossibility. People if you want to make the list have more meaning, limited what you deem acceptable as fans.

I’m out this Beeeeitch!!!!!

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